Selling a House ‘As Is’ in Maryland: The Best Month to Sell in 2022

selling a house as is in Maryland

Did you know that more than 5.6 million houses sold in the year 2020 alone? When selling a house as is in Maryland, there are a few things you will need to consider if you want your house to sell quickly and at a good price. In particular, you will need to consider what time of the year and even what month you should sell your house. 

After all, houses tend to sell during some months better than others. But what month should you choose and how should you go about selling your house as fast as possible and at a good price? Keep reading and learn more about it with these important house sale tips below.

What Month Should You Sell Your House?

In general, the best month to sell a house is in April. Why April in particular, you might ask? You will notice that houses tend to sell at a slower rate in colder months and at a faster rate in warmer months. 

April is not quite summer and not quite winter but instead right in the middle. Spring is the time when potential homebuyers start to think about what kind of house they should buy. In a way, by listing your house during the spring, you are putting your house one step ahead of the competition. 

This is because many people list their homes during the summer. While it is true that homebuyers do end up buying homes quite frequently during the summer, the main problem is that there is a lot of competition. If you live in an area where there are several other people selling their houses all at the same time during the summer, you will find that it can be quite difficult to sell your home. 

The Details

While your home listing might get plenty of views from homebuyers, you might not actually have the chance to sell your home during the summer. Rather, homebuyers might get distracted by other homes in your area that offer different floor plans, views, price ranges, and so on. The last thing you want is to list your home during the summer only for it to be drowned out by the competition. 

Then, you’d have to wait until next year before you have another chance at selling your house. Keep in mind that you should avoid cold months when trying to sell a house. It is a rare thing for people to buy homes during the winter or late autumn months. 

This is because it is simply too inconvenient to move into a new home during the winter in Maryland. A homebuyer would have to fight the snow and bitter cold just to move into their new home. As mentioned before, April is the perfect time to sell your house fast cash. 

April is before the big surge during the summer, so you won’t have to worry about battling the competition. April also isn’t so cold that it would deter people from buying homes in the first place. So, for the best results, try to aim to sell your home around the middle of April. 

But how should you go about selling your house as-is and making sure you get a good offer for it?

How To Sell Your House As-Is Fast

Selling a house as-is is quite different compared to selling a regular house. Most as-is houses (although not all) have something wrong with them. The very definition of the term insinuates that there have not been any repairs done on the house and that the buyer will get the house exactly as it is. 

Many as-is houses have problems with the roof, walls, foundation, and other problems. Your house may or may not have these problems but there is a stigma surrounding as-is home listings. For that reason, you may notice that your listing isn’t as getting as much attention as it should. 

If this is the case, you will need to make your property look a little more attractive. The more attractive your property appears the more likely potential homebuyers will view your listing and be interested in your property even if there are a few things wrong with it. But how should you go about making your property more attractive, you might ask?

Curb Appeal and Repairs

You should start first by making a few repairs that matter. For example, if the windows at the front of your house are shattered, your house’s exterior isn’t going to look all that great. Shattered windows may also let the elements into your house and ruin the interior. 

Replacing windows doesn’t cost all that much and it can greatly improve the quality of your home. It will also make homebuyers more likely to take more of an interest in your property. Besides making minor, relatively affordable repairs, you should also try to improve your home’s curb appeal. 

You can do this by planting a few flowers or plants at the front of your house. You can also give your house a new coat of paint to make it look fresh and new. Neither of these options costs very much and they can do a lot to make your property look more attractive. 

Selling a House As-Is in Maryland Fast

Selling a house as-is in Maryland doesn’t have to be an impossible task, but there are a few things you should consider. First, you should sell your house at the right time of year, preferably in April. That way, you won’t have to compete so much with other people selling their houses.

You can also have your house sell faster by upping its curb appeal. To learn more about selling your house fast, contact us here.

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